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The name “Victory World Hobby Shop” was founded by Victor Valbuena in 1999, then located in Bautista St. Palanan Makati City.  It enjoyed great success in its first 3 to 5 years of business, but shortly after, challenges plagued the business due to mismanagement and internal problems.  
In 2008, a new management took over and relocated the shop to Salcedo Village.  It re-established the whole company under a newcorporation called RC Victory World Trading Inc. and refocused its direction to better serve the local RC community.  Thanks to it's team of dedicated staff who are committed to serve with sincerity and service in mind, and by being nimble and flexible in its dealings, the company has brave the stormy seas of business.  
Today, due to changes in technology, the products and services sold are more sophisticated and more user friendly than ever before.  More importantly, the company has evolved into serving not only the RC enthusiasts markets but also the industrial community at large such as the film, construction, farming and others etc.


RC Victory World Trading Inc. is a "Full Service" hobby shop serving the RC Community of the Philippines by distributing and servicing high quality "hobby level" remote control products and devices such as model helicopters, remote control airplanes and supporting accessories for hobby enthusiasts as well as industrial use for over a decade.  
The term "Hobby Level" as oppose to "Toy Level" stands for the idea that many of the products sold in the shop may look like toys but on the contrary, are real precision machines only minatured in size and best of all, performs above and beyond expectations.  

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